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Game Instruction:

For 2 to 4 Persons from 8 to 99 years..

Contents: 106 gaming pieces, including two jokers.

Gaming pieces in numbers from 1 to 13.

 In 4 different colours (Black, Red, Blue and Yellow) 

 4 Stand 

 1 Game instructions

Aim Of The Game:

To “Rummy”: to get rid of all your gaming pieces by making combinations.

Preparation Of the Game:

All gaming pieces are mixed and spread out on the floor. Every person Takes one gaming piece. The person with the highest number of the gaming piece is the lucky bird and begins the game. The other persons follow in clockwise direction. Now, put the gaming pieces back on the floor and mix again. Every a person takes 14 gaming pieces. Just sort them in groups and put them on your stand.

If by accident one person has three peers of the same number and the same color (for instance: “two times the blue 3”, “ two times the red 8” and “two times the orange 10″) he or she can decide that all gaming pieces have to be mixed and spared out once again. To prove that you have to show your gaming pieces To your co-players. With the rest of the gaming pieces you all have to build piles of every time 7 gaming pieces, accept for one pile who needs to have 8 gaming pieces.

Let’s start the game:

To get rid of your gaming pieces as soon as possible you have to create groups or rows.


One group is created out of 3 or 4 gaming pieces with the same number but different colors. For instance: 7 in black, 7 in red, 7 in blue and 7 in orange.


One row is created out of minimum 3 and maximum 13 gaming pieces with numbers in a row With the same color. For instance: 3, 4, 5, and 6 in blue.

Attention please:

The gaming piece with the number 1 is always the smallest gaming piece, so you cannot put the gaming piece number 13 beside number 1 to create a row.

Jump into the game:

Therefore, you need 30 points. You will get the 30 points if you count all numbers of gaming pieces in the first group you create. But be careful, you only can jump into the game with a group, not with a row!

While trying to reach your 30 points, it is also not possible to get the help of a joker or to use gaming pieces who are already in the game. If you are not able to jump into the game yet or if you don’ t want to you just have to take new gambling pieces from the piles you built before. You have to be very fast! If you start the game every a person has only one minute time to decide what to do. If you are too slow all gaming pieces you switched have to go back on their position before and you have to take 3 gambling pieces extra from the piles. If some gaming pieces cannot go back to their position before they have to go back to the piles and you have to take the same amount of new gaming extra.

The Joker:

If you have a Joker you are a lucky bird You can use the Joker to manipulate your own groups and rows you create or you can take out the joker of groups and rows on the floor. But be careful, if you take the joker out of a group or row on the floor you have to replace the joker with one of your own gaming pieces. Also, it is not possible to take the joker back to your stand. If the joker is one in the game on the floor, the joker has to stay there.

End of the Game:

You are the winner of the game if you are the first person who gets rid of all gaming pieces. Than you have to say: “Rummikub”. If you don’ t have a winner yet and there are no gaming pieces on the piles anymore, every person is supposed to put at least one gaming pieces on the groups and rows on the floor till one the person is winning. If no person can play any gaming piece anymore the game is finished and you all won.

Count the numbers:

If one person said “Rummikub” and is the winner of the game, you have to add all numbers on your gaming pieces. This number you have to write down as a minus number on a paper. The joker counts as number 50. This has to be replayed every round.

The winner gets all minus numbers of the other persons as a big, big plus number. In the very end, all persons need to count all their written down plus and minus numbers on their paper. The person with the biggest plus number of all games is the final winner.

How to control the correctness of all numbers?

The final number of the winner minus the final numbers of all other persons is 0.

Solution for a special case (almost never happen):

In case there are no gaming pieces on the piles anymore before one person says “Rummikub” and no person is able to play any gaming piece, the person with the lowest numeric value of all gaming pieces Win the game, All other players have to add their numbers on their gaming pieces. This total amount of all added gaming pieces of all persons, minus the number of the points of the winner, is the number of points all players need to write down as a minus number. The big number of all other player and of all gaming pieces will be the big plus number the winner has to write down for him or herself.

For example:

Geeta Ayush Anusha Manu
  Game 1 +24 -5 -16 -3
  Game 2 -6 -11 +22 -5
  In Total +18 -16 +6 -8


Geeta is the winner and the lucky bird of the Kiran Rummy Game Allen, Anusha and Manu writes down their value of numbers as minus numbers. After two rounds Geeta wins

To make the game more difficult, you can:

-Play without any Joker

-Increase the number of points required to play gaming

 pieces for the first time,

 -Accept only groups or only rows

To make the game easier, you can:

Increase the time to think, not set a limit on the number of points necessary to play for the first time, accept rows with different colors.

You can create many other variations by yourself! The most important thing is to agree on the rules before beginning a game… have fun.

Dimensions 19.3 × 2.3 cm



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